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Timber Construction

The pole construction of thatched roofs could be done with various grades, thickness and types of timber. We specialise in using only export quality pine poles that are of the highest standard to ensure a quality basis on which to thatch. The basis on which your reed is thatched, determines the standard of thatching. Every roof that has an approved plan will be inspected by an independent engineer and a roof certificate is then issued if the construction was done according to the SANS 10407 report on thatch roofs.

Diagramme of Typical Construction used by Hantam Thatchers

Hantam Thatchers - konstruksie

The various types of poles are:

  • Cylindrical CCA Treated (Green Finish)
  • Cylindrical Boron Treated (Natural colour, Pre-selected)
  • Tapered CCA Treated
  • Tapered Boron Treated (Natural colour, Pre-Selected)

The lattices (latte) are selected and reasonably straight. All nails are fully galvanised and the threaded rod or ready bolts are fully galvanised to ensure quality and a high standard.

Our Quality has ensured that every company had to follow suit.

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