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Hantam Thatchers provides the following services:

  • Lapas:
    The pole construction is the most important factor when you build a lapa because it is the basis on which you are going to thatch. Depending on the soil composition your poles should not be planted less than 600mm deep and the size of the hole should not be less than 400mm x 400mm. The poles should be placed in the centre of the hole and a 3 to 1 concrete mix should be poured into the hole. Use a pick handle or something similar to make sure all air bubbles are removed from the concrete by prodding into the concrete around the pole. Leave for 2 days to set.

    When construction starts all poles need to be at the same height when your ring beam is fitted and bolted. All main trusses are bolted to the ring beam The beams should be at intervals not more than 2.7m apart with collar ties on the same truss. Latte (laths) should be no more than 300mm apart.

    Refer to Timber Construction for a diagramme of a typical construction.
  • Thatched Roofs:
    It is best to have your roof designed by an engineer in order to have peace of mind that all the stress factors have been taken into consideration and that the right size poles have been obtained an expert thatcher should be chosen. Generally thatchers that have registered with a governing body should be able to give quality work. You should also inspect previous work and ask for recommendations when choosing your thatcher.

    When a roof is inspected by the client, things to look out for are unevenness of thatching, thickness of roof and the lines of roof as well as the solidity of the thatch. The solidity of your new roof will determine the life span of your roof. The more solid a roof is compacted the longer it lasts and it will also be more dust proof
  • Quality Repairs and Maintenance:
    Thatched roofs have to be maintained on regular 5 year basis in order to increase the life span of the reed or grass. Due to the fact that it absorbs water and rots back on the points of the thatched material used. Should you not re-brush your roof holes which are caused by the rot will form on your roof and increases the cost of repairs.

    The regularity of maintenance depends entirely on location and weather conditions as well as the quality of material used. We only use the finest pre-selected Cape winter reed to ensure quality thatch roofs.

    There are various quality and types of Cape reed and one should be very selective on where the reed is grown. We specialise in repairs and maintenance. We are known to repair roofs that most of our competitors would re-thatch completely, making the cost much higher than to repair.

The following is provided as standard:

  • Workmanship of the highest standard
  • Independent Engineer’s Certificate supplied on approved plans
  • We use only the best Cape Winter reed.

Optional Extras

  • Fire Blanket:
    A “texglass” fire retardant blanket manufactured by Texglass Cape Town is installed just above the spray layer below the mass of the reed to prevent any fire from getting out of hand.

    The fire blanket is totally fire proof and once installed cannot be seen from inside at all. This is an optional extra.
  • Roof Sprinkler Systems:
    With much trial and error a low pressure manual sprinkler system needing 2 bar to operate was created in the U.S.A. Today we have the nozzles manufactured out of brass locally in S.A creating new job opportunities for two people in an engineering company. The sprinkler system works perfectly and is in total out of brass and copper and is not noticeable
    once installed. This is an optional extra.

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